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What is PIP?

PIP uses blockchain, NFT, and related technologies to capture and showcase the reported and proven impact of NGOs, and associations, through a purchasable Proof of Impact NFT, containing metadata evidence connected to the positive impact beneficiaries have experienced.

The primary products are an easy-to-use app to upload Impact KPI data, impact project dashboards, impact reports NFT minting integration.

Why PIP?

In order to address the challenges of ensuring data quality and providing a means for those underserved and unheard to be heard and included, we partner with trusted and reputable local NGOs and impact organizations.

We help connect citizens so they can financially and morally support the causes and actions carried out by grassroots activists, communities, NGOs, and impact associations.

Proof of Impact NFTs

PIP’s marketplace will make NFTs available for purchase. Metadata within the NFTs have impact data from a specific project ingrained. Connecting impact data directly to investors and donors.

Automatically sends funds from the sale of the NFT to the NGO’s wallet, while also incentivizing users by rewarding them for their actions and needs, that will be redeemable in the growing ecosystem of impact projects.

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