Swap your favorite Cardano Impact Native Tokens

In the Cardano Impact Report 2023, Sustainable ADA highlighted Impact projects with Cardano Native Tokens.

Cardano Impact Tokens Highlighted in Report:

  • World Mobile (WMT)
  • Empowa (EMP)
  • SingularityNet (AGIX)
  • Rejuve AI (RJV)
  • Gimbalabs (GMBL)
  • Metera (METERA)
  • JPG Store (JPG)
  • Climate Neutral Cardano (CNCAla)
  • Book.io (BOOK)

We ask that you DYOR when looking at the projects we have listed above, this is not financial advice. Our goal is to spread light on the projects highlighted in the Cardano Impact Report that have impact tokens in the Cardano ecosystem.